Anti-Helmholtz coils

Brad's coils for the MOTs and initial magnetic traps of the mixtures experiment have the following specifications:
parameter description value units
a1 inner radius 28 mm
a2 outer radius 73.5 mm
2x1 coil separation 45 mm
2b coil height 34.125 mm
α a2/a1 2.625 -
β b/a1 0.6094 -
γ (x1 + b)/a1 1.413 -
λ filling factor 0.397 -
R total resistance 0.054 Ohms
N turns/coil 48 -
L length/coil 17 m

The resulting field gradient is

%\[ \frac{\text{d} B}{\text{d} z} = \sqrt{P} \times 7.53\, \text{G cm}^{-1} \text{W}^{-1/2} \]%

for both quadrupole coils in concert with 45mm separation (P is the total power used by both coils in the above expression). The scaling with current is given by

%\[ \frac{\text{d} B}{\text{d} z} = I_q \times 0.658\, \text{G cm}^{-1} \text{A}^{-1} \, . \]%

For a field gradient of 150 G/cm, this corresponds to
parameter description value units
P total power 396 W
Iq current 228 A
V total voltage 1.33 V

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