Anti-Helmholtz coils

Brad's coils for the MOTs and initial magnetic traps of the mixtures experiment have the following specifications:
parameter description value units
a1 inner radius 28 mm
a2 outer radius 73.5 mm
2x1 coil separation 45 mm
2b coil height 34.125 mm
α a2/a1 2.625 -
β b/a1 0.6094 -
γ (x1 + b)/a1 1.413 -
λ filling factor 0.397 -
R total resistance 0.054 Ohms
N turns/coil 48 -
L length/coil 17 m

The resulting field gradient is

for both quadrupole coils in concert with 45mm separation (P is the total power used by both coils in the above expression). The scaling with current is given by

For a field gradient of 150 G/cm, this corresponds to
parameter description value units
P total power 396 W
Iq current 228 A
V total voltage 1.33 V

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