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Apr 11

Philip Starkey PhD submission

Philip has submitted his thesis titled “A software framework for control and automation of precisely timed experiments.” Congratulations Phil!

Jan 11

Tom Mawson PhD submission

Thomas Mawson has submitted his PhD thesis, titled “Topological interactions of two-dimensional non-Abelian quantum vortices in spinor Bose-Einstein condensates.” Congratulations Tom!

Sep 28

Shaun Johnstone PhD Submission

Shaun submitted his PhD thesis this week! The thesis, titled Quantum Turbulence in a Planar Bose-Einstein Condensate, describes experiments performed in an oblate BEC, where the sign and position every vortex in chaotic distributions were tracked.   Update: Shaun’s thesis has now passed examination, and the final version is available online.

Jul 03

Chris Billington PhD submission

Chris Billington submitted his PhD thesis today. Congratulations, Chris!

Oct 23

Andrew Groszek PhD submission

Andrew Groszek submitted his PhD thesis!

Mar 11

Lisa Starkey PhD

Lisa Starkey submitted her PhD thesis on March 11. Congratulations, Lisa!

Jan 19

Martijn Jasperse PhD

Dr Martijn Jasperse’s PhD thesis was ratified on January 12. Congratulations, Martijn!

Nov 10

Alex Wood PhD

Dr Alex Wood’s PhD thesis was ratified on November 10. Congratulations, Alex!