Jun 27

Continuous dynamical decoupling preprint on the arXiv

Driving transitions between spin states creates new ‘continuous dynamical decoupled’ states, sensitive to oscillating fields yet protected from low-frequency drifts and inhomogeneities. We continuously observe an ultracold spin-1 gas undergoing such decoupling, measuring the populations, splittings, and couplings of the new states in real time [1]. This characterization is completed during a single experimental preparation, rather than the hundreds required with projective measurement. We show that one state-pair is protected to fourth-order with respect to field instabilities, higher than the quadratic suppression of standard decoupling. Combining continuous measurement with continuous decoupling will enable feedback and tracking capabilities for noise-robust atomic magnetometry. This work complements parallel measurements of the same rf-dressed system by Trypogeorgos et al. using projective readout of dressed state populations at higher magnetic fields [2].

Update (28/12/2017): This paper has been accepted by Physical Review A.

[1] R. P. Anderson, M. J. Kewming, L. D. Turner. Continuously observing a dynamically decoupled spin-1 quantum gas. arXiv:1706.08322.
[2] D. Trypogeorgos, A. Vald├ęs-Curiel, N. Lundblad, I. B. Spielman. Synthetic clock transitions via continuous dynamical decoupling. arXiv:1706.07876.